Logistics & Chartering

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Logistics Solutions


Replenishment solutions

Suspension polyvinylchloride (PVC-S)

Polyvinylchloride – thermoplastic vinyl chloride polymer, formula [-CH2-CHCl-]n.

 PVC-S is one of the most common plastics. It is used in production of profiles, siding, cable compounds, sheets, pipes, various types of films, including films for stretch ceilings, artificial leather, polyvinylchloride fiber, polyvinylchloride foam, shoe making plastic compounds, furniture edges.

PVC-S is packed in 25 kg paper bags, 500 kg, 550 kg and 1,000 kg one-time big size bags. 

Guaranteed shelf life – 1 year after the manufacture date. In conditions of long storage – 5 years from the manufacture date. 

In terms of level of effect on organism, PVC-S pertains to the 3rd class of hazard. There is a Compliance Certificate for the product. 

We provide PVC-S of S-6669PJ, S-6359М, S-5868PJ, S-70U marks. PVC-S of S-5868PJ, S-6359М marks are regulated by GOST 14332-78. S-6669PJ mark is regulated by TU 2212-186-00203312-98. S-70U mark is regulated by STO 00203312-006-2012.  



Main application areas


Window and door profiles, siding


Plasticized semi-rigid items of common use (linoleum, artificial leather, plasticized films) and sheets of special purpose


Film and big size polymeric containers for packing food and consumer goods.


Plasticized items like light and thermal resistant cable compounds, medical compounds, film materials, artificial leather, high strength pipes

Cable PVC compounds

Cable PVC compounds are thermoplastic materials derived from processing polyvinylchloride compositions, produced as granules. Various properties are imparted to compounds depending on applications and item operation conditions. This is achieved by using plasticizers, stabilizers and modifiers in various combinations in compositions.

PVC based plasticizers have considerable mechanical strength and water resistance, high thermal resistance to low temperatures, good insulation properties, insoluble in gasoline and kerosene, abrasion, acid and alkali resistant. PVC based compounds are readily welded and glued.

Cable PVC compounds are used in the cable and conductor industries for manufacture of insulation and protective wire and cable sheaths. The main final consumers of the PVC based cable and conductor products are energy and construction industries.

Our range includes cable PVC compounds of the following marks:

  • E-40-13А, formulation 8/2.

  • О-40, formulation ОМ-40 (black, unpainted, white, snow white).

  • NGP 30-32;

  • NGP-M-PE 30-30;

  • NGP-M-PO 30-35.

E-40-13A, formulation 8/2 is designed for manufacture of insulation of wires and cables used within the temperature range from – 40 °С to + 70 °С.

О-40, formulation ОМ-40 is designed for manufacture of protective sheaths of wires and cables used in the temperature range from – 40 °С to + 70 °С.

NGP 30-32 low flammability compound is designed for manufacture of protective sheaths of wires and cables used in the temperature range from – 30 °С to + 70 °С in conditions of increased fire hazard.

NGP-М-PE 30-30, NGP-М-PO 30-35 are designed for manufacture of items operated in regions with climatic conditions and placement categories defined in the regulatory documentation for certain items, in conditions when high fire safety requirements are raised: flame retardance when cables are laid in bunches, low emission of smoke and combustion products, low toxicity (nuclear power plants, thermal and hydro power plants, subways, ships, high-rise buildings, industrial structures, storage facilities, crowded places, etc.).

On the client’s request, it is possible to produce cable PVC compounds of the following marks:

  • E-40-13A (BS).

  • E 40-14.

  • ET-105.

  • E-40-13A -105 (BS).

  • О-40 (BS).

  • О-50.

  • О-55.

  • NGP 40-32.

  • NGP -M-PV 28.

Cable PVC compounds are packed in 25 kg polypropylene bags or 715 kg and 1,000 kg one-time big size bags.

Guaranteed shelf life in a closed space is 1 year from the manufacture date; in long storage conditions in normal warehouse conditions at a temperature from +5 оС to +35 оС, it is 3 years from the manufacture date.

Cable PVC compound depending on its mark is regulated by GOST, TU, and STO.

Soda ash

Soda ash (Calcium carbonate Na2CO3) in arid state being colorless crystal powder is produced using the ammonia soda process (Solvay process), and also during integrated nepheline processing.

Soda ash is used in the glass, chemical, aluminum industries, iron and non-ferrous metallurgy, soap, fats and oils industry, food, textile, paper, oil and other industries, chemical treatment of water, production of plastic and synthetic resins, processing gold bearing and uranium ores, production of detergents and domestic use.

We offer dense and light soda ash to the market.

The soda ash is packaged in 40 kg paper bags and 25 kg polypropylene bags, 800–900 kg (Dense) and 600–650 kg (Light) one-time soft special containers.

Guaranteed shelf life of soda ash dense is 3 months, soda ash light is 6 months, packaged in soft special containers – 5 years from the manufacture date. Store the product in covered warehouses, silos, hoppers protecting it from moisture.

Product safety is certified by the Safety Data Sheet. The product is not subject to mandatory conformity verification in the form certifications and declaration.

Soda ash is registered in accordance with requirements of the ЕС REACH regulations.

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate was received for soda ash light, confirming the use of the product as a reagent for potable water.

Soda ash has a Compliance Certificate and an Application Certificate in the TEKSERT to be used in oil and petrochemical industries.